2nd day – Cultural Market

Another amazing day has ended here in Tievatupa and it was as good as yesterday. Another day with interesting plans were introduced. Firstly let’s talk about a well known Youth pass&Erasmus+ topics. Surely we heard those names as well as the programs itself before but did we know enough? After this presentation we can strongly say YES. The appearance was well implied and shown to the participants. We were given interesting information which increased our knownledge. With that being said let’s move on to the next activity: Preparing the library visit. The workshops were really successful. The three part division: art, music, storytelling had team work, communication flew easy between participants and in the end the main goal was accomplished. Probably the most emotionaly challenging activity was the game between two different cultures: Durdians and Engineers. It showed us how to be acceptable, tolerant, patienant and communitative. The evening program had a lot to offer: starting with food and ending with traditional dances, culture and even history aspects. After a long day of learning and physical activities we finally managed to relax in the long waited sauna. Now we await what the future days has to offer.

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-Lithuanian team: Gabrielė, Greta, Dovilė, Saulė & Karolis